In the world of business, advertisers and marketers can’t afford to ignore the growing size and impact of the Asian-American market.

While Asian-Americans comprise 5% of the population, their spending power soars above $500 billion, and is only set to rise. Asian-Americans have a higher income than those in any other racial and ethnic groups and are almost twice as likely to have a college degree, and are the fastest growing minority segment of the United States with their numbers predicted to more than triple in the next fifty years. They are also heavy daily users of technology – more connected, experienced, and online than any other group.

However, while they are relatively easy to physically locate, they are difficult for general market advertising to effectively reach. Asian-Americans are the most diverse segment of the U.S. market, encompassing over fifteen distinct cultures – each with their own languages, customs, and values – and spanning multiple distinct generations.

That’s where we come in.

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