Verizon Telecom

2001 Unlimited Local Calling

The partnership between AdAsia and Verizon Telecom goes back a long way. Our first major client in 1998, we began with a small team of ten for the entire account, expanding to double and triple that number as our agency grew along with the client’s success. Over the nearly 15 years of our partnership, AdAsia has built a reputation for efficiency and reliability.

We have consistently earned top scores across the board in their agency evaluations as well as gained recognition with the client as one of the most efficient of all of the agencies in their employ. We were proud to be chosen in 2007 as one of their top 10 leading agencies.

Starting first with print and direct mail, AdAsia has successfully branched out over the years to produce campaigns across all types of media, including award-winning television spots, web banners, events, and more. We have won numerous awards for our campaigns as well as high honors for our event promotions.

We were also the first to pitch the idea of an in-language microsite to our client as well as to build and launch it, immediately improving returns from the Asian-American community.

AdAsia’s efforts have resulted in steady call volumes, high awareness, and the best product penetration of all demographics in the United States for Verizon Telecom, as well as much positive reception within the Asian-American community for its contributions to and recognition of their culture.

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