Verizon Wireless

2001 Supplier Recognition Award for Outstanding Performance in the Marketing Category.

AdAsia’s relationship with Verizon Wireless began in 2008 when we were chosen among fierce competition to take up the Verizon brand. With regard to the mechanics of marketing, however, the brand name was where the new client’s similarities to our older partner Verizon Telecom ended.

AdAsia met the challenge with a small, highly efficient team that navigated extremely short campaign turn-around times of sometimes as little as a week, and up to three separate campaigns in a single month.

At first engaged on a project-by-project basis, AdAsia produced consistently high-quality ads through the constant, demanding schedule between then and now and became the Agency of Record for Verizon Wireless in 2010. We have done print, TV, OOH, radio, DM, event planning and online advertising for the Asian-American market with clearly measurable positive results, and our Verizon Wireless team has almost doubled in size as well as started a branch on the West coast as we grow with our client.

We take pride in having been recognized as an extremely cost-efficient,
time-efficient, and most of all dependable agency by our client.

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