2008 Asian Lunar New Year Tribeca Campaign

AdAsia’s partnership with Subaru began with a perfectly-timed stroke of luck for both sides.

Subaru of America had been considering breaking into the Asian-American market in the United States when AdAsia cold called them in November of 2003, asking them to consider a partnership on a project basis. After seeing examples of our work and our ideas for pitching their brand to our market, Subaru hopped on board and was ready to roll.

AdAsia’s first big campaign for Subaru was completed just four months later in April 2004 and was immediately a crowd-pleaser, walking away with an Athena award for print.

2009 Summit Creative Award for "2008 Tribeca Campaign" pictured above, right.

It established the fundamental basis of our agency-client relationship: given the client’s confidence and the freedom to create original content, AdAsia would deliver results.

From there, we went on to create more original print, OOH, original TV and online ads as well as developing their Chinese microsite, and have won numerous Summit and OnWheel Creative awards for our efforts.

We began working with Subaru on a retainer basis in 2008, and over the years, we have never failed to uphold our end of the partnership. On top of acquiring solid brand awareness and a solid brand identity within our target market for Subaru, our original creative projects have drawn outside media recognition to the brand for its multicultural sensitivity.

And of course, there is the bottom line: AdAsia is proud to have helped ensure that where other automobile companies have seen recent downturns, Subaru has seen consistent growth, especially in the Asian-American market.

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